Our mission is to use the healing powers of nature to give you the tender, loving care

Ingredients of Lhamo Pads

Each herbal formula is derived from well known standard texts on traditional Chinese herbal methods that are still used to train state-licensed practitioners.

Here are just a few of the main ingredients and their known benefits.

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Self Care During Your Period

While being on your period may be your least favorite part of the month, it is also one that you can make more enjoyable by engaging in self-care.Here are a few ideas to engage in self-care while on your period.

Exercises to Reduce Period Pain

The menstrual cycle is one that brings a lot of pain and discomfort to many women all around the world.In this article, we will be looking at exercises which you can do to reduce this pain. Don’t worry – they are all very gentle!

Ladies, it’s Time to Start Tracking!

Do you know when you are ovulating? Can you spot the symptoms of each phase of your cycle? Try out an app to track it or simply jotting down the various symptoms can be a great way to find out more about your body's cycle.

Period-related Acne? Use Tea Tree Oil!

Tea tree oil is a popular essential oil that has been used for centuries to kill off bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Studies have shown it's exceptionally helpful at treating acne. It's affordable, easily found in most supermarkets and natural drug stores, and easy to use.

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It’s Hot Outside! Let’s Stay Fresh and Hydrated

Summer is here, ladies! Wherever you are in the country, chances are that you are facing hot temperatures. How can you stay fresh in the summer? By being hydrated, keeping yourself cool, and wearing lighter clothes. Let’s have a look at ways to stay cool and fresh throughout the summer.

Post-Sex Aftercare

Post-sex aftercare is not just about making sure that you pee after sex. It's also about ensuring that you feel psychologically calm and sound, and that your partner does too.

Boosting Your Mood in 3 Easy Ways

It's normal to have days throughout life where you don't feel great. The fluctuating hormones going through our bloodstream can make it hard to feel like we are in control of our emotions. Here are three ways to try out to boost your mood, if you're feeling low.

It’s Time That We Openly Talk About Discharge

Discharge – a word that we don't talk about because of the taboo that is usually associated with it. Recently, as I scrolled through Instagram, I came across a post that made jokes around the feeling that we get as we get some discharge and need to put our underwear back on afterwards. The female body, while a temple, also remains a hidden secret that only a few of us feel comfortable discussing.

Please, Girls, Pee After Sex!

When you have sex, bacteria can spread and may be plastered over your vulva and in the vagina. While this is not necessarily a concern, it can become one if you do not clear your urethra – the tube that allows pee to exit your body – to clean out any bacteria that might be found there. So, pee after sex – go right to the bathroom (it won't kill the mood, I promise) and get rid of the bacteria that will otherwise get you on a trip to the doctor's.

Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t Fret!

This year, remember that being single gives you something that many others don't have: time on your hands to focus on improving yourself. The appeal of a relationship may disappear once you know who you are.

Why Women Supporting Women Is Important

When you think about all the ways in which we, women, struggle throughout life, it is a wonder how we are still pinning ourselves against one another. Indeed, as we read through newspaper articles, look at social media or simply go about our day to day life, it isn’t rare that we see women pulling other women down and keeping them from achieving success.

Original Christmas Gifts for Women: Give Her More Comfortable Periods!

Whether you are looking for a gift for your friend, girlfriend, wife, or sister, Lhamo’s natural cotton herbal pads are an original gift to give them. Perhaps you are thinking, really? Pads? But Lhamo pads aren’t just pads. 

Herbal Life

Herbal Medicine: It Can Help!

For thousands of years, herbal medicines have been used to provide individuals all over the world with pain-relieving properties, health-inducing factors, and a multitude of other positive side effects.

Herbs for Female Health

Herbs have potent ingredients like anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that keep the body healthy and fit. Chamomile tea is wonderfully soothing, and it reduces anxiety and improves mood. Ginger generates heat in the body and reduces the production of prostaglandins, which are great to soothe painful uterine cramps.

Best herbal tea for period care

Herbal tea is a fantastic alternative to using pain killers. Many herbs have natural soothing properties that help relieve cramps.

How does an antiviral essence work?

An antiviral essence can effectively prevent a virus  inside the body, and that too without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.