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Do You Ever Feel Like...

You’re tired of uncomfortable pads with harsh chemicals

You're fed up with ineffective protection and limited absorbency

You’re embarrassed because of the bad odor

Your vagina is itchy like crazy during periods

Great news! You’re in the right place!


24/7 Variety Set

An Organic herbal-infused, natural way to reduce period discomfort and stress!

With high-quality, breathable organic cotton cover that improves absorption and organic essential oils that reduce menstrual discomfort, the Day Use Pads, Overnight Pads, Heavy Long Pads and Pantiliners ensure you are feeling comfortable and fresh 24/7.

Highly Absorption

100% Organic Cotton

Organic Herbal Infused

Compostable Material

Shop 24/7 Variety Set

The Natural Choice for Period Protection

Herbal Formula

Wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (herbal formula) + patented essential oil spraying technology

Chemical-Free Care

The herbal formula provides you with pure natural, chemical-free care

Essential Oils

The use of essential oils keeps you away from bacteria and odor

Plant Extracts

Experience the plant extracts that soothe, moisturize, and add balance to your delicate parts


Overnight Protection Set

Why do you have to worry about the heavy flow? 

Heavy Long Pads, Overnight Pads, and Pantiliners are three types of super-absorbent pads that give organic herbal-infused protection that lasts for hours. Worry-free can now be a reality.

Highly Absorption

100% Organic Cotton

Organic Herbal Infused

Compostable Material

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A Better Period Is On the Way

"There is no need to choose between comfort and quality."

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What Our Customers Say

"There's no way I'll ever go back to commercial brands!"

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Audrey G.


Love These Pads! I was using these pads in the past and stopped using them because of the price and delivery time. I’m kicking myself for not going back to using them sooner! My most recent cycle was a breeze with pain that would onset, but once I changed my pad all pain and discomfort would disappear. Time to buy the 6 month supply :)Thank you for creating such a good product!

Oshiba D.


I love these products!!! I really wanted to get away from all the harmful products that are supposed to be good for you and these have done the job I truly love everthing about this company

Suzette F.


I started purchasing these pads almost 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I don’t go anywhere else for my sanitary napkins. I’ve even got a few friends purchasing regularly as well. These pads are well made, and offer the protection that I need, and I absolutely love the infusion of essential oils.

Melinese C.


Great experience. OMG I love these pads. I felt so fresh & clean while using them. I also purchased pantiliners & I love them as well. I will be using these sanitary napkins from now on!!!! Great product!!!!!

Lhamo is Made for Care

Our pads are great for adults and teenagers, as well as for postpartum maternity use.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We bet you will love our pads! If you don't, let us know the reason and we will gladly sort out a solution to make sure you are satisfied. 

Quality Guarantee

Our products are registered with FDA and abide international standards including ISO9001 & GB/T 19001. High quality is our responsibility!

Green Guarantee

We believe the best way to reduce plastic use is to start from the product design. We strive for every process to be eco-friendly.

Our Mission

Lhamo Herbal Pads since 2009

Our team is based in New York and North Carolina. We exist to empower women and sprint towards a healthy future.

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