Our mission is to use the healing powers of nature to give you the tender, loving care

Ingredients of Lhamo Pads

Each herbal formula is derived from well known standard texts on traditional Chinese herbal methods that are still used to train state-licensed practitioners.

Here are just a few of the main ingredients and their known benefits.

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Embrace Your Cycle: Holistic Strategies for a Healthier Period

Experience a healthier and more enjoyable period with simple strategies. Sync activities with your cycle, focus on menstrual health nutrition, and reduce stress. Lhamo offers products designed for period comfort. Try them today!

A Guide to Understanding Your Cycle: A Monthly Health Check

Decode your menstrual cycle for vital health insights. Regularity, flow, pain, and PMS all reveal potential issues. Explore your cycle's signals and ensure comfort with Lhamo's herbal pads. Prioritize your well-being every month.

Signs Your Hormones May Be Unbalanced

Detect hormone imbalances with Lhamo's guidance. Unexplained weight changes, irregular periods, and symptoms like fatigue, disrupted sleep, or acne could signal hormonal issues. Prioritize your health and consult a physician for accurate evaluation and advice.

Exercise During Your Menstrual Cycle: When to Do What?!

During the menstrual cycle, women's energy levels and motivation to exercise vary. To adapt to these changes, schedule exercise patterns based on your cycle.

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Product Comparison: What’s Best Between the Cool Plus and Herbal Infused Pads?

Discover the new Cool Plus Lhamo Pads - your refreshing solution during periods! Organic, eco-friendly, and designed for ultimate comfort. Compare with our Herbal Infused Pads for the perfect fit. Find out more about our innovative period care products.

Naturally Balanced: A Holistic Approach to Your Hormonal Health

Naturally Balanced: Discover a holistic approach to hormonal health in the final part of our series. From nutritional balance to stress management, explore natural ways to harmonize your hormones.

Wellbeing in the Digital Age

In the digital age, mindfulness is key for well-being. Part 3 of Mindful Femininity explores tips for conscious connectivity: be aware of habits, consider a digital detox, set boundaries, find offline hobbies, and designate tech-free zones.

Eco Swaps We’re Making in 2024!

Happy New Year! At Lhamo, we're excited for 2024. Cut food waste by freezing leftovers and buying "imperfect" produce. Choose eco-friendly travel with public transport and trains. Shop mindfully by buying less and selecting natural, organic products like Lhamo pads. Let's make 2024 eco-friendly and sustainable!

A Few Words from Lhamo: Make 2024 Your Year

In 2024, we continue our mission of providing eco-friendly period products made with organic cotton and essential oils. Let's make this year Earth’s Year by reducing our environmental impact together. Join the Lhamo family and embrace a healthier, more sustainable future.

Eco-Friendly Health Routines

Eco-Friendly Health: Embrace Mindful Femininity with Lhamo! Organic pads, recyclable packaging, and sustainable beauty routines for a greener lifestyle.

Mindfulness and Women’s Health: An Intricate Intersection

Unlock wellness with Mindful Femininity! In this 4-part series, explore the physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness for women's health. Learn to reduce stress, navigate emotions, and enhance mental well-being. Elevate your self-care with purposeful feminine products designed for a mindful journey.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Part Three

Dive deep into sustainable living: Spend consciously, support local and organic. Choose green energy and eco-friendly products. Make small changes, like bar soap, rainwater harvesting, and reusable items. Opt for rechargeable batteries and embrace a low-waste lifestyle. Your choices matter—start today!

Herbal Life

Herbal Focus: Raspberry Leaf

Uncover the menstrual benefits of raspberry leaf. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it eases cramps and balances hormones. Try raspberry leaf tea for a natural solution. Consult a physician before use during pregnancy. Embrace nature's power for a smoother cycle.

Essential Oils in My Pants? Yes!

At Lhamo, we are using the latest science to give you just what you need to make your period less painful and more enjoyable – well, as enjoyable as possible! Let's have a look at the five kinds of organic essential oils you can find in our new product range.

Health Boost: Vitamins and Minerals to Pay Attention to for Peak Health

Hay fever season is upon us, and the switch from cold to hot temperatures can often leave some of us with a head cold that is hard to get rid of. Here are some of the vitamins to make sure you consume in the right quantities to boost your health!

Natural Remedies Against Hay Fever

 The sneezes, nasally voice and tears that come with this season are some that you can deal with using natural remedies. Of course, conventional medicine works too, but you may be surprised to find out that you have many ingredients in your pantry that can be very helpful!