Wellbeing in the Digital Age

In 2023, it’s not uncommon to find people saying that they need a digital detox, or that they feel they are not fully aware of their social media consumption. The digital world is often made to keep us hooked. The solution? Becoming more mindful of our digital consumption and its impacts on our wellbeing. With that said, welcome to part 3 of this series on Mindful Femininity! How can you navigate connectivity with care? How can you manage digital overload and stay on top of your well-being? Here are a few tips and tricks!


1.Conscious Connectivity

It all starts with self-awareness. Start by becoming aware of your habits. How much time are you spending on all kinds of devices? Is this time aligning with your personal and professional goals? Do you think you’d feel better if you spent less time online?


2.Digital Detox

Sometimes, it’s best to rip off the bandaid. Try doing a digital detox for a few hours, if not for a few days. You might think “A few hours? That’s nothing!” but don’t underestimate how tough it might be! We are used to having technology all around us all the time – TV, laptop, phone… The list goes on. Again, it comes down to being more mindful of your usage.


3.Create Digital Boundaries

We’re not telling you to get rid of all your apps. Instead, be mindful of your usage of digital tools. Limit yourself to an hour of Instagram a day, set specific hours to check emails and messages, and you’ll soon see a difference!


4.Find Offline Hobbies

While working on becoming more conscious of your digital presence, you might realize that you often go to different apps, or reach for your phone, whenever you start feeling bored. So, get yourself an offline hobby!


5.Tech-Free Zones

Sometimes, all you need to start is to create a zone in your home that’s tech-free (think of Luke’s Diner in Gilmore Girls).


At Lhamo, we’re all about being holistic, and not just in terms of your use of digital tools and platforms. We think holistically in all our operations. Check out our Lhamo pads here!



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