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โ€œHow much time do you spend on yourself? โ€ - Alice C.

Modern women are often multi-tasking, full of energy and vitality, taking on all the responsibilities. However, we often forget one thing - to care for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is actually the foundation of everything.

When menstruation comes every month, it is the moment that the body is talking to us. If we can better take care of it, it will embrace and empower us back.

Our Story

Lhamo Herbal Pads since 2009

We are a women-owned small business with a team based in New York and North Carolina. We were born out of a desire to learn more about international products that are both healthier and more effective.

It started with a passion for womenโ€™s health, and has grown into a thriving business that offer products that are both unique and eco-friendly.

We discovered that regular pads are a huge source of oceanic pollution and we wanted to create a product that is truly sustainable.

LHAMO ORGANIC HERBAL INFUSED PADS are made with compostable material, improving upon existing brands by extending the protection to the environment.

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Our ultimate mission:
Care for you and care for the environment

We asked ourselves the question, "Why can't we do both?" As the question echoed in our mind, numerous excuses surface but none presumed more importance than the conservation of our world. Hence birthed Lhamo, a product of our passion, to care for you and care for the environment. 

Our core values are rooted in Care, Trust and Collaboration.

We exist to rally the women around us and together, sprint towards a healthier future.

We strive for long-run sustainability; this starts with trust.

We will continue to expand across United States and provide our customers with the quality products and services they deserve.

We strive to become the #1 trusted distributor of female health products in the United States.

Lhamo Herbal Pads are manufactured using select plant extracts derived from well known standard texts on traditional Chinese herbal medicine (used to train state-licensed practitioners to this day).

The use of plant oils and extracts as ointment has been well established component of folk medicine in the West and it persists to this day in certain clinical settings.

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Cool, Breathable, & Refreshing Material

We add mint to our high-quality cotton fabric to replace discomfort and stuffiness with a cool, breathable, and unbeatably fresh feeling.

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Highly Absorbent Material

Designed with a flexible shape that ensures comfort and mobility, Lhamo pads improve absorbency, leak protection, and odor control.

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No Harmful Ingredients

Our healthy, female-first design keeps harsh chemicals like bleaches, dyes, chlorine, and pesticides away from your body.

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