Embrace Your Cycle: Holistic Strategies for a Healthier Period

Let’s be honest: when we are on our period, we rarely feel great. We experience bloat, low energy, might be in a particularly bad mood, and we generally don’t feel at our best. There are strategies that can help you experience a healthier, and overall more ‘enjoyable’ period. Let’s explore them!


Syncing with Your Cycle

While we (frustratingly) live in a society that doesn’t recognize the tremendous impact that women’s menstrual cycles can have on their life, we at least have the power to sync the activities we do with our cycle. If possible, tune in and adjust your activities according to your energy levels. For example, try to keep high-energy tasks during your follicular phase (when you have the most energy) and embrace more rest while on your period.


Nutrition for Menstrual Health

Certain nutrients can help you with your period and your period pain. For example, try eating more iron-rich foods (meats, beans, leafy greens) to fight against fatigue. Then, eat some magnesium (in almonds, avocados, bananas) to diminish the intensity of your cramps. You may find that cutting out or reducing your caffeine, sugar, and processed foods intake will help as well, although we understand that your monthly Takis and gummy bears may be non-negotiable!



Finally, this is a period of time during which your body may be going through more stress. Not only this, but stress can make your period far more painful. So, engage in stress-relieving activities such as mindfulness, aerobic exercise, relaxation techniques such as meditation, and the like.
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