Natural Remedies Against Hay Fever

It is unfortunately that time of the year again. Spring is indeed a fantastic season: the trees begin to be green again, flowers are in full bloom, and we finally get to see the sun for more than just a few hours every day. Nevertheless, spring also brings with it an undesirable effect for many: hay fever. The sneezes, nasally voice and tears that come with this season are some that you can deal with using natural remedies. Of course, conventional medicine works too, but you may be surprised to find out that you have many ingredients in your pantry that can be very helpful!

Use Honey

One of the key ingredients that can help you battle hay fever is honey. By including more of it in your diet, you can become more accustomed to pollen and hence lower your sensitivity to the allergen. Add some to your favorite cup of tea or simply spread a tablespoon of honey over your toast in the morning to see your hay fever symptoms gradually decline.
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Vitamin C

One of the most important vitamins to include in your diet, Vitamin C helps your body fight off intruders and allergens that cause the side effects that can be truly tiring, especially when you are out and about and simply trying to enjoy some sun! Try adding a glass of orange juice to your diet if it is low in vitamin C. This vitamin is a natural antihistamine!


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is both an antioxidant (which fights off free radicals in your body that can make you sick) and a natural antihistamine. Mix it with honey or use cold tea bags that have been drenched in water directly on your closed eyes. This can help reduce the swelling.
If these do not work, consider other natural remedies such as garlic to boost your immune system, carotenoids to increase inflammation, or hot peppers which can open up your nasal airways and free up a clogged nose.

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