Signs Your Hormones May Be Unbalanced

At Lhamo, we are passionate about bringing you products that support your health and help you feel better during your period. Unfortunately, many women will go through painful periods, or times when their periods do not come regularly. As you know, your period is dependent on having balanced hormones. So, letโ€™s explore the signs that your hormones may be unbalanced. Please remember to consult a physician before acting on any of the information mentioned below.


Weight Fluctuations and Unexplained Fatigue

We all go through ups and downs in life when it comes to our weight. We may gain weight during a particularly stressful time, and we may lose some when going through a hard breakup. However, if you have been keeping up with the same exercise as usual and your eating habits have not changed drastically, unexplained weight gain or loss may be a sign that your hormones need to be checked for any inconsistencies.


Menstrual Irregularities

Our period is often a sign of health. For example, women who lose their period may be losing weight too quickly, while someone with irregular menstrual cycles may need to consult a doctor to uncover the underlying roots โ€“ PCOS, high stress levels, etc. If you have abnormally heavy or irregular periods, very painful cramps or premenstrual syndrome symptoms that disrupt your everyday life, consider getting your hormone levels checked out. You may similarly experience sleep disturbances, decreased libido, acne, or unusual hair loss or growth โ€“ all signs that itโ€™s time to get a second opinion.


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