Eco Swaps We’re Making in 2024!

Happy New Year! It’s the start of 2024, and at Lhamo, we’re really excited about it! Our company is all about providing you with the best eco-friendly and natural period products on the market. So, naturally, we also care about the other eco swaps we can make this year. Let’s have a look at a few of these eco swaps you can make in 2024 to contribute to a healthier, better earth for all.

Cut Down on Food Waste

The first eco swap we’re making on our end is cutting down on food waste. Unfortunately, in the US, a family wastes over USD $1,600 a year! On top of this, research has shown that “wasting food contributes to 11 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions”. So, we need to cut down on food waste. A few tips: freeze, freeze, freeze! Most food items can be frozen if packaged correctly. So, freeze your items if you can. Likewise, look for recipes to make with leftovers and leftover food. On top of this, look for services that offer “wonky” fruits and vegetables– they pick up produce that would be thrown out because they’re too small, too big, or too odd-looking, and are then sold to you at a discounted price.

Look for Eco-Friendlier Ways to Travel

Our country is big, so it can be hard to travel in an eco-friendly way. However, it’s not always impossible. If possible, use public transport or advocate for better transport links in your city. Likewise, try to travel by train or bus where possible instead of hopping on a plane.

Let’s Buy Less!

This year, we are more conscious of what we buy. Before you buy that next shirt, think twice about whether you really need it or whether it’ll just add to your overflowing wardrobe. Instead of buying products that aren’t good for the earth, look for natural and organic products, like Lhamo pads!
This is the year where we’re being more careful about our consumption. What are your eco swaps looking like this year?

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