Product Comparison: What’s Best Between the Cool Plus and Herbal Infused Pads?

In the realm of menstrual care, the quest for comfort and relief during periods leads many to explore various products that promise not just absorption but also added benefits to enhance the menstrual experience. Lhamo Pads, a brand known for its commitment to health and environmental sustainability, has recently expanded its product line. The introduction of the Cool Plus Lhamo Pads on March 31 marks a significant addition to our offerings, aiming to bring a new level of comfort to menstrual care. This article delves into a comprehensive comparison between the newly launched Cool Plus Lhamo Pads and the brand's existing Herbal Infused Pads, highlighting their features, benefits, and what sets them apart.


Cool Plus Lhamo Pads: A Refreshing Take on Menstrual Care

The Concept Behind Cool Plus

The Cool Plus line is designed for those seeking relief from the discomfort that often accompanies menstruation. Recognizing the need for a product that not only addresses absorbency but also enhances comfort, Lhamo Pads has innovated a solution that offers a cooling sensation. This feature is particularly appealing for individuals looking for a way to feel refreshed and alleviate the warmth and discomfort that can come with period symptoms.


Materials and Sustainability

Echoing the brand's dedication to health and the environment, the Cool Plus pads are made from organic, non-toxic materials. The choice of natural ingredients ensures that users are not exposed to harmful chemicals, while also minimizing environmental impact. This commitment to eco-friendly practices and organic materials sets Lhamo Pads apart in the menstrual product market.


Herbal Infused Pads: Nature's Touch in Menstrual Care

Unique Benefits of Herbal Infusion

While the Cool Plus line focuses on delivering a cooling effect, the Herbal Infused Pads cater to those seeking pain relief through natural means. These pads incorporate herbal ingredients known for their therapeutic properties, offering a different kind of comfort during menstruation. Although they do not provide the same cooling sensation, they are an excellent choice for individuals looking for natural pain relief.


Environmental Considerations

Similar to the Cool Plus pads, the Herbal Infused Pads are made with attention to health and environmental sustainability. By using organic and non-toxic materials, Lhamo ensures that their products are safe for both users and the planet. This consistency in quality and environmental responsibility underscores Lhamo's commitment across its product lines.


Comparison: Cooling Sensation vs. Herbal Relief

When deciding between the Cool Plus and Herbal Infused Pads, the choice largely depends on personal preference and specific needs during menstruation. For those prioritizing a refreshing feeling to combat the heat and discomfort of periods, the Cool Plus pads are unmatched. On the other hand, the Herbal Infused Pads offer a soothing experience that focuses on pain relief through natural herbs.



Lhamo Pads has once again demonstrated its dedication to innovation, health, and sustainability with the introduction of the Cool Plus line. Whether you're seeking the cooling comfort of the Cool Plus pads or the natural pain relief offered by the Herbal Infused Pads, Lhamo provides options that cater to various needs and preferences. As the brand continues to expand its line of environmentally-friendly and health-conscious menstrual products, users can look forward to experiencing periods with enhanced comfort and care.



Q: Which Lhamo pad is better for summer months?

The Cool Plus Lhamo Pads are particularly suitable for the warmer months, providing a refreshing cooling sensation that can alleviate discomfort during hot weather.


Q: Can the Herbal Infused Pads help with menstrual cramps?

Yes, the Herbal Infused Pads are designed with natural herbs known for their pain-relieving properties, making them a good option for those experiencing menstrual cramps.


Q: Are Lhamo Pads suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Both the Cool Plus and Herbal Infused Pads are made from organic, non-toxic materials, making them ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.


Q: How do Lhamo Pads contribute to environmental sustainability?

Lhamo Pads uses organic and environmentally-friendly materials in their products, reducing the environmental impact and promoting sustainability in menstrual care.


Q: Where can I purchase Lhamo Pads?

Lhamo Pads are available through our official website and select retailers. Visit here to explore the extensive line of products and find the best option for your menstrual care needs.

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