A Few Words from Lhamo: Make 2024 Your Year

Traditionally, our blog articles are about giving you some tips and tricks about all things period-related or environment-minded. But as it’s a new year, we wanted to try something different. We have a few words to share with you.


2023 was recently named the hottest year on record. This is a record that’s not easy to beat, and one that as a planet, we should absolutely work hard to avoid beating again. This only reinforces our passion and dedication that we have here at Lhamo to give you products that not only feel good and give you the best period ever, but that aren’t toxic to the earth.


2024 is Earth’s Year

We care about your well-being, and we want you to feel comfortable– but not at the Earth’s expense. This is why, for yet another year, we are focusing on providing you with the best period products made with organic cotton, essential oils for a natural and holistic approach to your health, and most recently, with pads that offer a natural cooling effect to keep you feeling fresh.


We All Have a Role to Play!

We’re dedicated to continuing to make the Earth a little bit cleaner, one pad at a time, for those who want to feel refreshed and in tune with their bodies during their period. Sounds like something you can get on board with? We’re glad to have you as part of the Lhamo family!


Have a look at our products, and see what works best for you.


Welcome to the family, and have a great 2024!

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