The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Part Three

Welcome back to the final section of this sustainable living series! So far, we’ve touched on the main swaps to make as well as the ways you can save on energy. This time, we are going even deeper, and looking at more extensive changes you can make!

Your Dollars Count!

Your dollars count – where you spend money tells producers and companies what you care about. So, choose locally-sourced and organic foods to reduce your carbon footprint and to support your local economy. Likewise, switch to a green energy supplier – they will use renewable energy sources like wind or solar power, which is far better for the environment.
You can also purchase eco-friendly skincare and beauty products to show companies and businesses alike that there is more demand for such products, and hence, for more of these to be sold in your local stores.

Switch to Eco

Make more changes like switching to bar soap instead of liquid soap to avoid the extra packaging. If you can, you can also harvest rainwater for your household needs or for your garden. You could use reusable cutlery and containers, and should absolutely ditch the paper plates if you are using them (we’ve got dishwashers nowadays!).
Instead of single-use batteries, switch to rechargeable ones. Use reuasble cloth diapers if you can, and work from home if you can to avoid the commute.
Make sure to keep doing the basics, like separating your waste into different kinds of recycling and compost.
And finally, if you can, try to slowly switch to a low waste lifestyle by using biodegradable products, like Lhamo Pads!

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