Essential Oils in My Pants? Yes!

You perhaps never saw the day where you would be using essential-oil infused products in your private area. And yet, it brings tremendous benefits! At Lhamo, we are using the latest science to give you just what you need to make your period less painful and more enjoyable – well, as enjoyable as possible! Let’s have a look at the five kinds of organic essential oils you can find in our new Lhamo product range.
  1. Rose

Rose essential oil is one of the key essential oils we are including in our pads. With its distinct floral aroma, rose essential oil is known to assist mood stabilization, and especially helpful property during your period!
  1. Spearmint

Let’s be honest: being on our period is something that makes us feel angry inside, but also ‘down there’. With spearmint essential oils, your pads help you throughout your period by soothing and calming you in both places, and especially by boosting breathability.
  1. Frankincense

Next up, we have frankincense. An anti-inflammatory fragrance, it has anti-bacterial and healing effects which are useful for days where you feel your cramps being especially painful – or if you feel bloated, which can come from inflammation.
  1. Marjoram

Fourth, we have marjoram. This relaxing fragrance is especially helpful in helping alleviate menstruation-related mood fluctuations.
  1. Champaca

And finally, we have champaca. This oil helps keep your skin clean and healthy, but it especially helps sooth it. On days where you may feel like your skin is especially rough – which tends to happen a lot during your period as a result of hormonal fluctuations – it is comforting to know you are doing something to reduce the effects of this problem.
Want to know more? Have a look at our new Lhamo product range!

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