Our mission is to use the healing powers of nature to give you the tender, loving care

Ingredients of Lhamo Pads

Each herbal formula is derived from well known standard texts on traditional Chinese herbal methods that are still used to train state-licensed practitioners.

Here are just a few of the main ingredients and their known benefits.

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Toxic Shock Syndrome: Protection and Prevention

Protect yourself from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with Lhamo pads—an organic, natural alternative to conventional tampons. Made from pesticide-free cotton, these eco-friendly pads reduce bacterial growth and promote personal health. Choose Lhamo for a safe, sustainable period solution.

Essential Oils and Menstrual Pain

Say goodbye to menstrual pain! Learn how essential oils can soothe and alleviate discomfort, and explore Lhamo's herbal pads infused with carefully selected oils. Find your perfect solution for a pain-free period journey!

Best Period Products for the Earth

Best period products are made with materials that don't hurt you or the planet. Organic cotton pads are a great example of period products that are also eco-friendly. They are compostable and do not use any cotton that rids the Earth of its valuable water. Organic cotton tampons and menstrual cups are among the most environmentally-friendly options.

Help! I Have No Energy on my Period!

As your progesterone and oestrogen levels fall, your energy may dip. Exercise can keep you more energized throughout your period. If you're feeling unwell or in pain, you should skip your exercise altogether. Other methods include taking short naps and avoiding caffeine before bed.

Lhamo's Talk

The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Living! Learn about energy efficiency, from LED bulbs to public transport. Make easy swaps like reusable coffee cups and cloth napkins. Choose second-hand shopping, digital over paper, and eco-friendly period products like Lhamo Pads. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Part One

Start your sustainable living journey with simple changes. Use tote bags, ditch plastic water bottles, opt for bamboo toothbrushes, and choose eco-friendly period products like our organic, pesticide-free pads. Small steps, big impact!

Cozy Up This Coming Fall!

Embrace the cozy vibes of fall! Take time for self-care, set new goals, and prioritize your physical health. Trust Lhamo's organic cotton pads for comfort during your cycles. Enjoy the season ahead!

Plastic: An Invisible Killer

Uncover the hidden danger of microplastics in the environment. These tiny plastic fragments can harm ecosystems, absorb toxins, and threaten wildlife. Lhamo takes a green approach, creating organic products to combat plastic pollution. Let's protect our planet together.

Myth or Reality? Debunking Period and Hygiene Myths

Unveiling the truth about menstrual myths: exercise is fine, menstruation isn't unclean, menstrual products vary, and blood loss is minimal. Prioritize women's health and debunk misconceptions. Discover Lhamo's natural product range. Challenge the myths with facts!

Should I Opt for Herbal or Non-Herbal Pads?

Herbal and non-herbal pads differ in their materials, with herbal pads being gentler on the skin and more eco-friendly. Both are effective at absorbing menstrual flow, but herbal pads may be more comfortable. The choice comes down to personal preference, and Lhamo offers an essential oil-free option for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin? Unscented Organic Cotton Pads Are Your Go-To!

Organic cotton sanitary pads are gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic, making them an ideal choice for women with sensitive skin. They are also biodegradable and produced using sustainable farming practices. Lhamo Pads now offer an unscented version, perfect for those who prefer fragrance-free options. Check out their new line!

In 2023, We’re Using Organic Cotton Pads

Switching to organic cotton pads is indeed a great way to start a healthier and more eco-friendly 2023. These pads are free from harsh chemicals and are biodegradable, making them a sustainable option. Additionally, they offer more comfort and flexibility, making them ideal for active women. Make the switch today!

Herbal Life

Herbal Focus: Lavender

Lavender is a plant that has been used for centuries to combat restlessness. It can also help fight against anxiety when it is taken in capsule form. Lavender bags and pillows are also becoming increasingly popular while you can use lavender as a cooking ingredient.

Painful Periods: Natural Remedies

There are many herbal remedies that have been shown to help reduce menstrual cramps. There are many more to try out, from green tea to oolong types of tea to find out what helps you feel your best.

Traditional Herbs for Hormonal Balance

Herbal remedies can help balance female hormones and thereby help you achieve optimal health and fertility. Herbal treatments for hormonal imbalance can be taken in the form of herbal tea or infused into oils, among others. 

Traditional Medicine to Help Against Period Pain

Have you ever thought of using alternative treatments to deal with your period pain? While Advil and other similar medication can help, there are other ways that don’t involve you taking pills! Let’s have a look at what traditional medicine is and how it can help against period pain.