Myth or Reality? Debunking Period and Hygiene Myths

In a day and age where social media is becoming a source of information for many, we need to be careful to only believe the information that is true. So, let’s have a look at common myths and beliefs and debunk the ones that aren’t completely founded in reality!


Myth #1: You shouldn’t exercise while on your period.

This myth is grounded in the idea that you should only rest and relax while on your period. Of course, during that week, you may not have the energy needed to exercise very heavily, but this does not mean that you need to stay inside and should be shunned from the gym! Look out for our upcoming article on the kind of exercise to do during your period and during various cycle phases, which will be posted soon.


Myth #2: Menstruation is inherently ‘unclean’

Unfortunately, there have been myths throughout the history of time that a woman is unclean during her period – something related to inequality, which you can read about more in depth here. This goes in line with the idea that vaginas are unclean, when in reality, they have a self-cleaning mechanism! Your discharge is your body’s way to keep your vagina clean. Going back to the idea that menstruation is unclean, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s something we need to constantly work towards dismantling – be an activist and speak out against it when you hear this myth being spread!


Myth #3: All menstrual products are the same.

We all have different bodies and different needs. This is why Lhamo has an extensive range of products which are all free from bleach, dyes, and synthetic materials, and which are made with organic products, to make sure that you can access more natural alternatives to conventional pads.

Myth #4: You lose too much blood during your period.

Unlike common beliefs, most women will typically lose around 2 to 3 tablespoons of blood per period. Do make sure to see a doctor if you are soaking through pads or tampons every hour.
Women’s health is important, and it’s even more important that we keep debunking these myths! At Lhamo, your health is something we take at heart. Check out our products here!



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