Women’s Equality Day

Happy women’s equality day. Or is it? This year, throughout the United States, we have seen tremendous inequality. From recently seeing Bill Cosby be released from prison following over sixty allegations of sexual misconduct, to women in prison being denied access to sanitary products like sanitary pads, we are seeing just how much women’s equality still has a long road to go. We are celebrating women’s equality day today because it is the day that women were given the right to vote by the state in 1920. And yet, we still see how much our equality is taken from us.

A Look Into the Positives

Nevertheless, on this women’s equality day, we do want to focus on the positive. For example, this year, we saw more women in cabinet than ever before. Similarly, the first female vice president was elected, giving all young girls throughout the United States a positive role model to look up to. We also see women speaking out about issues that matter, such as access to sanitary pads and tampons, medical care reforms that need to take place that include women instead of assuming that women’s bodies work the same as men’s, and more advancements needed in the field of gynecology. Ultimately, more work is on the way, and things are developing!


But Let’s Keep It Real

Having said this, it is important to be honest and transparent on this women's equality day. The United States is ranked 51 out of 149 countries in gender equality. This relatively surprisingly low ranking is due to many factors, namely descrimination in employment where women face a larger burden when trying to get hired, intersectional inequality where women of color are also more likely to face problems, and sexual assault which is common and is rarely punished adequately.


So, we still have work to do. Let’s unite on this women’s equality day and speak out about the equalities we want to see happen this year. Speak to people about what you think is wrong and needs to change. Speak loudly, be bold, and be proud!

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