Herbal Focus: Lavender

This week, weโ€™re looking at herbal medicine from a different perspective. Throughout this article, we will be looking at the many benefits that this weekโ€™s plant-in-focus has to offer: lavender! A plant that has been used for centuries to combat restlessness, it is used by millions all around the world to help fight insomnia, anxiety, and many more conditions that most of us will struggle with at least once throughout the course of our lives.


The Uses and Benefits of Lavender

The purple plant is more than just a pretty-looking flower that gives your house a nice smell. Indeed, lavender is a flower whose extract is often used to treat many medical conditions. Among the many conditions it can help with, insomnia, anxiety, hair loss, headaches, acne, burns, eczema, dry skin, wound healing and mood issues are some of the most common ones. For example, in a 2014 systematic review of 15 studies conducted, lavender was shown to help against sleep disturbances. This was mainly observed with lavender consumed in the form of essential oils. Likewise, with the use of lavender essential oil, many reported feeling more awake and refreshed once they woke up. It can also help fight against anxiety when it is taken in capsule form. Lavender can also help you deal with migraines and headaches, as this study has shown.


How to Use Lavender

Lavender can be inhaled in the form of essential oils (through aromatherapy). You can also drink lavender tea to stop a headache from developing and to alleviate the associated symptoms. You can take tablets as well which are commonly used against migraines. Lavender bags and pillows are also becoming increasingly popular while you can use lavender as a cooking ingredient in cookies and cakes (among other options!).
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