The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Part One

We all want to live a life that is more eco-friendly. In this day and age, we see more and more information on climate change that makes us feel more pessimistic than ever, so naturally, we all want to make the changes that we can to stay more eco-friendly than ever. That being said, this is no easy feat! Throughout this three-part series, we will have a look at how you can incorporate more sustainable living habits to do your part to save the earth (although it’s true that corporations are at the root cause of this…but we digress.)


Simple Changes First

There’s no need to make your life more complicated than it has to be. So, start with small changes! For example, if you aren’t doing so already, use tote bags and reusable bags when you leave the house to go grocery shopping. Pro-tip: make sure to bring a thin bag with you every time you leave the house – we often end up resorting to plastic bags because we forgot our reusable ones!
Likewise, consider how many water bottles you are buying in a week. If you tend to use at least one plastic bottle per week, that’s already 52 bottles per year! Bring that up to one a day, and you are using 365 per year. Put that on the scale of a country, and our usage of plastic becomes catastrophic. Instead, carry a reusable bottle.
There are other small changes you can make – use bamboo toothbrushes over plastic ones, purchase a reusable razor, the list goes on. Importantly, if you have a period, make sure to use eco-friendly options. If you do not like the cup, opt for our organic, pesticide-free pads which are better for you and for the environment!

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