Plastic: An Invisible Killer

When we think of plastic and its impacts on the planet, we often directly imagine large landfills full to the brim with fast fashion garments, plastic containers and wrappers, and other forms of trash. Yet, we rarely think about the impact it may have on the surrounding fauna and flora. For example, microplastics can infiltrate the surrounding water systems, making it dangerous for those living in the area to consume the water. Let’s explore how plastic, including microplastics, can be detrimental to the environment.


What Are Microplastics?

Microplastics are very small fragments of plastic that are less than 5mm in size. They are usually a product of larger plastic items that degrade over time, although they can also be found in personal care and cosmetic products – including certain sanitary products like pads. These forms of plastics are potent threats to our environment and ecosystems because of their size, volume, and their chemical composition, effectively making them invisible killers.


How Do Microplastics Hurt the Planet?

Since they are extremely small in size, they can infiltrate freshwater and marine ecosystems. This is where they cause numerous problems: they can absorb toxic chemicals, and hence, can become carriers for these toxins. Then, when they are consumed by aquatic or terrestrial wildlife (such as birds), they cause physical harm and pose serious health risks, in some cases, some leading to death.


How Lhamo Is Fighting Against Microplastics

A few years back, our founder watched a video that illustrated how parent birds feed plastic to their nestlings as a result of mistaking plastic items, such as pink items that resemble fish. This deeply affected her, and led to the research and development of our new products which are organic and produced with a green mentality. In fact, we believe the best way to reduce plastic use is to start with the product design.


By choosing Lhamo Pads, you are choosing an alternative to sanitary products that helps protect the earth. Try Lhamo Pads today!

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