Traditional Medicine to Help Against Period Pain

Have you ever thought of using alternative treatments to deal with your period pain? While Advil and other similar medication can help, there are other ways that don’t involve you taking pills! Let’s have a look at what traditional medicine is and how it can help against period pain.


What Is Traditional Medicine?

Traditional medicine comprises the medical aspects of traditional knowledge. Developed over generations within folk beliefs and culture, it has the potential to prevent and treat illnesses as well as treat and prevent disease or discomforts. Traditional medicine is different from conventional medicine in several ways. It emphasizes the overall health of a person rather than the specific symptoms of a disease. All traditional medicine systems include the use of herbs in their treatments, which are considered to be safe and natural, and hence better alternatives for those who prefer to use less invasive methods to cope with their discomfort. They can also be cheaper than other pharmaceutical treatments. Compared to chemical medicines, traditional medicine can be used for chronic illnesses as a method that isn't as abrasive or tough on the body. Regardless of how they're used, they can help treat a wide range of illnesses.


Herbs Against Period Pain

Among the many plants you can choose from, Moutan Cortex is great because it generates heat in the body and moves the blood around to reduce cramps. It is also anti-inflammatory and can therefore help release the tender feeling you have. Otherwise, safflower is great due to its ability to clear blockages in the reproductive organs, including fibroids. Sichuan Lovage Rhizome is also great at moving blood around, wrhich can help treat your menstrual issues, including cramps. Fennel is also a good ingredient to use when you have cramps.
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