The Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Part Two

Welcome back to the beginner’s guide to sustainable living! In Part One, we looked at a few simple changes you can make. Now, let’s have a look at other changes you can consider.


Better Energy Consumption

The way we use energy is currently highly unsustainable. We use non-renewable energy for many machines and activities – our cars being one of the key ways in which we use such energy. So, what can we do? Well, we can change the energy we use where possible. For example, try using LED light bulbs, since they’re more energy efficient than other options. Likewise, go for public transport, walk, or bike instead of using your car, if that’s possible. If not, why not speak to your local representatives to see how the city can be made more accessible by bike and foot?
This also comes down to the way we generate energy. It is pricey, but using solar panels is one of the most efficient ways to generate energy because it is renewable and doesn’t require extracting fossil fuels from the earth.

Easy Swaps

Besides energy savings, we need to make easy swaps more often. For example, if you like getting your coffee from the local shop, start bringing your own reusable coffee cup. Find one that you really like – one that fits into your bag and isn’t going to leak – and make sure you wash it every night when coming home. Likewise, opt for cloth napkins over paper to reduce the amount of waste generated. Go for second-hand shopping, instead of buying things that are new, to avoid adding more to the landfill. Use reusable produce bags, go for digital instead of paper, and use period products that are better for the earth, like Lhamo Pads.
And that’s it! Stay tuned for part three of this series for even better ideas.

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