Eco-Friendly Health Routines

Welcome back to the second part of this 4-part series on Mindful Femininity. This time around, we are focusing on eco-friendly health routines, looking at sustainable practices and products that align with a holistic approach to your health and femininity.

Consciously Selecting Your Products

In the first part of this series, we introduced mindfulness and its benefits. Mindfulness is something you can apply to all kinds of areas in your life. For example, eco-friendly beauty routines start with the conscious selection of products. This means going for items with natural, organic ingredients over those that are full of harsh chemicals. This kind of choice reduces the exposure of the skin to potentially harmful substances while also minimizing environmental pollution that we usually find is associated with the production and disposal of synthetic ingredients. One way to do this? Your Lhamo pads! Our products are 100% organic, a choice we continue to make consciously daily.

What’s the Packaging Like?

Let’s go beyond the product itself and think about the packaging. The Earth is suffering due to our consumption, so the solution is (relatively) simple: we need to consume less, and we need to be mindful of what we consume. So, look for brands that use recyclable, biodegradable, or green guarantee packaging (the one we use at Lhamo!). We believe the best way to reduce plastic use is to start from the product design, so we strive for every process to be eco-friendly.


Strive for Sustainability

Sustainability goes beyond just the packaging. It’s also about having a minimalist approach. Simplify your routines, use fewer products but of higher quality, and look for ways to minimize your waste anywhere it might be possible.


One way to do this? Invest in Lhamo products, which are highly absorbent, made of organic cotton cover, organic herbal ingredients, and compostable material!

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