How Does Compost Work?

You may have recently heard about Lhamo’s newest range of products that are made with compostable material. Indeed, it’s 2022, which means that it is time to think about the Earth and to use products that are sustainable! However, many of us don’t actually know what “compostable” means, or why it’s important. Let’s discuss it!


The Processes Involved in Compost

First, let's look at what constitutes compostable organic matter. In its most basic form, compostable organic matter can include almost any organic trash, including fruit and vegetable skins, bread, and egg shells. Even tea bags and other organic products are compostable – such as organic cotton!
The process of composting uses microorganisms that work together to break down organic materials and convert them into inorganic forms that are usable by plants. Bacteria comprise 80-90% of compost's microorganisms, and are the smallest and most diverse. As they break down plant matter, they also release beneficial nutrients that plants can use. Ultimately, this process improves the soil, which will result in healthier plants and a more vibrant ecosystem. Yes – that's right! Using compostable period products can be beneficial to the earth's many ecosystems!

Benefits of Composting

There are many benefits of composting, such as improved soil and increased crop yields for farmers. It also improves the condition of ecosystems by helping the soil recover from hazardous waste, thereby reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Compost also reduces the need for chemical pesticides – meaning more space for organic cotton and other organic plants to be farmed. The process of composting also reduces the erosion that is responsible for the loss of one-third of the earth's farmland. With more and more droughts, farmland being lit on fire every day, and the loss of biodiversity to climate change, it's important to do what we can to reduce the impact of such events.
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