Are Eco-Friendly Products Really Just as Good?

Being eco-friendly is something that most of us know is important, and something that most of us also understand we need to do. However, it can be tricky to look at different ways of acting and different products to purchase if these also come with a significant loss of comfortability, or with the potential that you won’t enjoy the experience as much. When it comes to periods, that’s also why so many of us struggle to give up our usual comfort. Will the cup really be as comfortable? Are the eco-friendly pads truly as efficient? What if they leak? At Lhamo, we understand your concern, and that’s why we found it especially important to create products that are just as good – if not better! – in quality and safety as a traditional and not eco-friendly alternative.

Lhamo’s Your Best Option for Eco-Friendly Products

How have we done this? We have tested our products, of course! Our products have excellent absorption, keep you dry, and provide natural care for your menstrual period. And yet, they are still green! The organic cotton we use, the lack of toxic chemicals, as well as the essential oils we sprinkle on each pad help provide you with the usual comfort you know so well without requiring you to sacrifice your hopes of being eco-friendly. Indeed, at Lhamo, we believe that comfort and eco-friendliness go hand-in-hand. Our products are made with compostable material (and are certified DIN CERTCO!), meaning that the product design minimizes the plastic used. So, if you are not a fan of cups or period pads, you no longer need to feel wasteful when on your period. Lhamo products are here for you!
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