Self Care During Your Period

While being on your period may be your least favorite part of the month, it is also one that you can make more enjoyable by engaging in self-care. For a few days, you are likely to experience pain, mood swings, cravings, and many more side effects. So, take care of yourself! Here are a few ideas to engage in self-care while on your period.


Create a List of Feel-Good Movies

Sometimes, all we want to do is lay in bed with our favorite snack and watch something comforting. However, it can also be quite tiring and frustrating to go through Netflix or Hulu to find something to watch. Make sure you have a list of all your favorite feel-good movies and TV shows ready to go!


Cozy-Up Your Environment

Make yourself comfortable. Get out the nice candles, your favorite blanket, and maybe even a diffuser. Make sure that you have your favorite snacks nearby and some tea to help reduce the pain from cramps. Having a clean room will help you feel more at peace, and even better โ€“ start out your period with a set of clean sheets so you feel cozy and comfortable, even during that uncomfortable week. In fact, our Lhamo pads are the perfect addition: they keep you cool, fresh, and help battle menstrual pain.


Ground Yourself

The mood swings that accompany your period may feel overwhelming at times. You may feel like crying sometimes, or may be angry at the world the next minute. Grounding yourself can help: take some time for yourself. Meal prep or cook your favorite meal. Do your laundry, fold up clothes or iron if thatโ€™s something that relaxes you. Whatever works for you is best!
What do you do to self-care when you are on your period? Let us know in the comments below!

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