Why You Should Care About a Company’s Ecological Footprint

 We all know how important the earth is. Indeed, as I am sure you have already heard a million times, there is only one planet, and we have been overusing its resources excessively. We all know that we need to pay better attention to the way we consume resources, and yet, it is difficult to do so! In a world full of products to consume, how can you, as a consumer, make the right decision? How can you limit your own footprint? There is one easy solution: making sure that the companies you buy from care about the environment as much as you do.

Who Are You Buying From?

When you buy from a company, you are effectively telling this company that you are supporting their agenda and the beliefs that they have. With your dollars, you are effectively saying, “yes, I want to support your cause and want to be a part of this!”. Therefore, your dollars go a lot further than just towards the product you are buying. Do you want to support a company that worsens the state of the planet, or do you want to show your support to companies that are careful and considerate of their actions (and especially the repercussions of these actions on the world!)?

Lhamo’s Eco-Friendly Approach

At Lhamo, we are especially conscious of our carbon footprint. This is why we have been working on a new range of products that is the world’s most gentle plastic-reduction action ever! Indeed, we care about you and the environment, because we believe that both must go hand-in-hand. We use organic cotton material and are replacing synthetic scents with organic essential oils. This way, we return to the most original, simple, and pure intimate care – all without costing the planet a ton of its resources.
Does that sound like something you can get on board with? We surely hope so! Have a look at our new product line launched in 2022 here.

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