Lhamo: Our Name Has a Deeper Meaning!

If you are a regular, you may have asked yourself once or twice what our name stands for. With a new product line out in 2022, however, we are also glad to have newcomers to welcome in the community! Therefore, itโ€™s time to introduce you to who we are, what we believe in, and how this translates into each and every one of our products.

Protecting Women

We wear our name with pride: Lhamo means โ€œto protect women,โ€ and it is a name that we embody in all of our actions and business decisions. Indeed, at Lhamo, we are all about protecting women from the harshness of the world, and that includes the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, we focus on bringing you the best, healthiest, and most comfortable ingredients and products you can think of. We give you organic cotton materials, organic essential oils, and create all our products with your wellbeing in mind. What that means, specifically, is that we want to revolutionize periods.

Organic Is Better

Indeed, as people who menstruate, we go through life with all kinds of challenges. Being on our period is simply another part of this โ€“ we go through it on a monthly basis, and we kind of just need to โ€œacceptโ€ it as it is. Well, what if there was a way to make it more comfortable? With Lhamo, we give you that option. Our newest range of period products is made with a 100% organic top layer of cotton, with compostable material to reduce plastic consumption, but does not require you to forego true protection. In fact, our products offer superior absorption, amazing comfort, and a leak-free guarantee.
Curious to know more? Check out our new Lhamo product line over here!

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