Best herbal tea for period care

Sipping a cup of hot tea sounds like a treat, and if it also relieves cramps, thatโ€™s even better! If you suffer from menstrual cramps and painful periods, a great way to alleviate the pain is by using herbal tea. Herbal tea is a fantastic alternative to using pain killers, as many pain killers have side effects. Many herbs have natural soothing properties that help to relieve cramps and make you more comfortable during periods.

You can use ginger tea to relieve cramps, as ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It also increases blood supply to the uterus and helps to soothe pain and cramping. Chamomile tea is also great for period care, and it helps relax your body and soothes cramps. Finally, you can drink a nice relaxing cup of peppermint tea during periods to relieve pain, as peppermint helps relax the uterus and prevents cramps.

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