Your Body Is Already a Beach Body!

At Lhamo Pads, we are all about making sure that you feel your best in your own body. This also means supporting body positivity! When summer comes around, it can be difficult to look in the mirror and feel comfortable with the way we look. After all, as women, we grew up with images and portrayals of what we consider the “perfect body time,” which is usually skinny, white, tall, and often blond. Your body – and who you are as a whole – is perfect the way it is, and it is something to celebrate! Let’s have a look at three ways you can improve your self-image this summer.


1. Celebrate Your Uniqueness

We know – this sounds cliché. However, it’s truly one of the best ways to improve your self-image. When summer comes around and you start feeling uncomfortable with the idea of going to the beach in a bikini, it’s time to celebrate your uniqueness. Take a moment to think about the things you love most about your body and about yourself. Do you like how strong it is? Do you like how far your legs take you? Do you like how your brain has made you the person you are today? You are unique, and you have incredible things to offer to the world and to those who are around you. That’s worth celebrating!

2. Fake it Till You Make it

It can be hard to convince ourselves of our beauty. However, with a bit of “faking it,” we can trick our brains into believing the words we tell ourselves. By using positive affirmations, we can convince our subconscious to believe what we are telling it. Even if you don’t believe that it will work, why not try it? Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself positive affirmations about the things you love about yourself.

3. Think Back to the Child Version of You

If you have been on Tiktok lately, you will know exactly the trend we are speaking of. When you are being mean to yourself, remind yourself of who you are speaking to. Find a picture of yourself as a young child, and ask yourself: would I ever speak to her this way? Although it’s a simple trick, you would be surprised to see just how well it works.
Indeed, taking care of yourself is a must! That’s why at Lhamo, we are all about helping you feel your best by taking care of your health. Want to know more? Have a look at our herbal pads to find out how we do this!

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