Herbal Medicine: It Can Help!

For thousands of years, herbal medicines have been used to provide individuals all over the world with pain-relieving properties, health-inducing factors, and a multitude of other positive side effects. While conventional or Western medicine is very much in wide use all over the world too, herbal medicine has been shown to help provide us with just as many benefits without being as harsh on our bodies. So, why not use the benefits of herbal medicine to relieve period-related pain and discomfort?


Combining Menstrual Pain Relief and Herbal Medicine

This is exactly what the Lhamo pads have to offer. Combining the benefits of herbal medicine, our pads are infused with essential oils that provide pain relief without the side effects of medicines like ibuprofen that can upset your stomach and can lead to complications when taken in too high doses. Not only this, but Lhamo pads have additionally been made so as to offer you the ultimate comfort and a healthy future. Essential oils such as peppermint oil are added to our pads to provide a feeling of freshness and comfort, meaning that you are well-protected during your period, all while enjoying a cool feeling where discomfort is often felt.

Lhamo Minty Pads

Our Lhamo minty pads were created to use millenia-old herbal medicinal concepts that show that by using what the Earth has given us – plants and herbs that can address our health concerns – we can go through the week of the month feeling a bit less under the weather. Our herbal-infused pads are free of harsh chemicals and made with 100% organic cotton to keep you safe from irritants that can worsen discomfort.
Try Lhamo herbal-infused pads today and see how our minty pads can make that week of the month that much closer to a β€˜normal’ week!

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