Ladies, it’s Time to Start Tracking!

The menstrual cycle is a wonderfully mysterious thing. We all have different periods, we experience that time of the month to varying degrees, and yet, many of us are also completely unaware of our cycles. Do you know when you are ovulating? Can you spot the symptoms of each phase of your cycle? Trying out an app to track it or simply jotting down the various symptoms you experience can be a great way to get to know yourself.


1. Using Apps

We live in an era where technology is all around us. What that means, concretely, is that there are endless options for you to try out. Tracking your cycle using an app can help you figure out why your mood might be particularly low, or why you may feel like you are getting more looks from others than usual, because yes, there are times in your cycle where you feel and look more attractive to others! What an incredible thing the body is.

2. Using a Journal

If using an app isn’t your thing, don’t fret. You can simply track down how you feel, the discharge you see, your mood, your physical and mental symptoms, as well as other key markers of your cycle using a journal. Make sure to pay attention to key signs like cravings, feeling restless, sleeping better or worse on certain nights, as well as physical symptoms like breast pain, back pain, and headaches that are more recurring.


3. Analyzing Your Diary

If you already want some insights on your cycle, we highly encourage you to have a look at the past few entries of your diary. By pinpointing which days you felt great, which days were mentally more challenging, and which days you were on top of your game, you may be able to see when you were in a certain phase. For example, during ovulation, we tend to burst with energy.
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