Post-Sex Aftercare

It’s time to talk about aftercare. When we speak about sex, oftentimes, the assumption is that when the deed is done, well, it’s over. Just like that, you get your clothes back on, or you cuddle with our partner – hey, we don’t judge! Post-sex aftercare is not just about making sure that you pee after sex (something that we explain in more depth in this article), but it’s also about making sure that you feel psychologically calm and sound, and that your partner does too.


Physical Aftercare

First, let’s talk about physical aftercare. As mentioned, you need to run – not walk – to the bathroom. Peeing after sex ensures that the bacteria from your partner’s body cannot get deep inside the urethra and leaves you with a painful urinary track infection (UTI). Next up, wash up. You don’t need a full shower, but just using a damp towel can do the trick. Keeping it sanitary down there – without using scented soap – will help you avoid any bacterial growth and other mishaps. It also makes you feel refreshed!

Emotional Aftercare

Then, there is emotional aftercare. This one can be a bit more difficult to do because it is dependent on what you feel like doing, how your partner feels, and both of your needs. Think about what makes you feel comfortable: what do you like doing after sex? Do you like speaking with your partner and cuddling? Do you need to feel close and intimate with them? Do you feel the need to speak about what you enjoyed and what you think could be improved the next time? An important part of sex is being able to be open with your partner and feeling comfortable around them.
Ultimately, the aftercare you do together should leave the both of you feeling connected, intimate, and if intimacy is not what you are looking for, then you should feel at peace. If not, perhaps it’s time to speak to your partner about aftercare!
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