Please, Girls, Pee After Sex!

I still remember the first few times I got intimate with someone. He was my very first boyfriend, and I was around seventeen years old. While the tales of first-time sexual experiences tend to differ from one person to the next, mine was the typical, normal experience: it was awkward, weird, and I didn’t know what to do (or where to put my hands!). My partner was supportive, caring, and he paid attention to my body’s cues and needs. After a great first time (well, as great as a first time can be!), I woke up with dread – Jeez, what’s that burning feeling?!
Unfortunately, our sexual education system tends to be very underperforming. While we might learn the basics in school – we all remembe that awkward banana and condom situation – other things aren’t taught as much. Sometimes, we may even feel like sex is taught for the guys only – what about us, girls, and our enjoyment of sex?! I digress.
Sex is an act that leads to two bodies colliding with one another. There’s different bacteria involved, as two people are getting as intimate as one can be. While your body’s immune system is strong and can fight off many bacteria and viruses, there are a few that, for some reason, it truly struggles to combat – those found in your partner’s personal area, for example, can be especially dangerous. When you have sex, bacteria can spread and may be plastered over your vulva and in the vagina. While this is not necessarily a concern, it can become one if you do not clear your urethra – the tube that allows pee to exit your body – to clean out any bacteria that might be found there. So, pee after sex! Don’t do as I did – go right to the bathroom (it won’t kill the mood, I promise), and get rid of the bacteria that will otherwise get you on a trip to the doctor’s.

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