Let Her Breathe! No More Pad Stuffiness With Lhamo Pads

We all know how uncomfortable pads can be. Whether the wings don’t stick to your underwear or the material used makes the entire area itchy, wearing an uncomfortable pad can make your period that much worse to deal with. Instead, why not opt for pads that leave you feeling fresh and light? Lhamo’s herbal pads contain mint extract, giving you that refreshing feeling you are looking for.


High Absorbance Herbal Pads

At Lhamo, we are all about your comfort. What that means is that we want you to have pads that make you feel good and refreshed. Our herbal pads are highly absorbent, and yet, you can barely feel them. Instead of feeling like you are walking around with an uncomfortable extra layer, you can go about your day without a care in the world.


Minty Pads

Lhamo pads are minty pads, meaning that they have been infused with mint extract following traditional Chinese medicine. The result? A cool feeling that helps with any soreness you may be experiencing in the area. This medicine has been used for thousands of years, and just like peppermint oil on your temples can put a headache away, minty pads can help lower inflammation in your delicate areas too.


Smart Design

Lhamo’s minty pads are elastic and have a gel design, making them more breathable than any other herbal pad on the market. Combined with the mint, as discussed above, you can enjoy a cool feeling without the stuffiness.


Women go through around 450 periods throughout their lifetime. Why not make them more comfortable? The experience does not have to leave you feeling uncomfortable, in pain, or wanting it to just be over already! Well, of course, we all want it to end sooner, but with the Lhamo pads, you can reduce the discomfort while enjoying a fresher feeling, both down there and throughout your day. Try them today!

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