Introducing Organic Cotton Cover Pads

A one-of-a-kind organic cotton pad empowering you to spend your days during that time of the month comfortably and stress-free.

Our Organic pads are made of 100% cotton and keep your period from leaking 24/7.
That’s not all…

Our cotton pad:

Highly Absorption

Organic Cotton Cover

Compostable Material

100% Organic Cotton

Wear your pad without worrying about harmful chemicals hurting your body.

Feels light

Get rid of feeling uncomfortable and over-bulky wearing other cotton pads.

Incredible Absorption

Never again worry about pad leaking or blood rolling around on your pad with our 4 layers absorption technology.

From light to heavy, we’ve got you covered every flow day!

Not all flow days are the same.
So how can the same pad protect you on all days?
That’s why we’ve created a pad for your easygoing and crazy days as well.

A few drops day

7.1in.(20 Pads)

Daily period protection

Day Use
9.5in.(10 Pads)

Sleep care-free

11.2in.(8 Pads)

Crazzyy flow day

Heavy Long
13.8in.(6 Pads)

The LHAMO Protection

Our pads aren’t just any other pad on the market.
See the difference for yourself:

    Other cotton pads

  • Gives off a foul smell
  • Uncomfortable surface that feels like plastic
  • Feel wet all the time
  • Cause irritation and rashes
  • Damage your skin with harmful chemicals

LHAMO organic cotton pad

  • No pad smell
  • Soft and plushy surface
  • Keep you dry
  • Feel comfortable and safe
  • No pesticides, chlorine bleach, or toxic adhesive

Protect yourself guilt-free

Our pads are made of compostable material.
This means they do little to no harm to the environment.

Compostable Material

FDA registered

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Here’s what this bundle includes:
40 Liners
20 Day Use Pads
16 Overnight Pads
24 Heavy Long Pads

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