Is it Normal to Have Blood Clots in Menstrual Blood?

Every month a woman sheds her endometrial lining, mixed with blood, in a process known as menstruation. It is normal to lose up to 80ml of blood in a period, and you may even see some clots in the menstrual blood. Having small clots is perfectly normal as they are just pieces of your endometrial tissue, and it may also be caused by heavy bleeding.

While it is normal to have small clots, if you are passing large clots, it may point towards an underlying condition. Diseases like endometriosis or PCOS may cause heavy bleeding with clots. Other conditions like uterine polyps and fibroids may also cause large clots, and you should get it checked out by a doctor!

If you regularly use tampons, it may be difficult to spot clots, which may cause a medical condition to go unnoticed. Using pads will help you visualize the clots better, and this helps in diagnosing any underlying pathology!

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