How to Choose a Sanitary Napkin that Suits You?

Sanitary napkins come in multiple lengths and sizes, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing a sanitary pad. Some women have lighter flow and only need a thin, small pad to absorb the menstrual blood while others need a thick pad with wings just to get through a few hours. If you are confused about choosing the right product, this article may guide you through the process!

  1. Ultra-Thin pads

These sanitary pads are compact, thin, and comfortable, and they use high absorbency materials to catch menstrual flow and convert it to a gel-like form to prevent leakage. Ultra-thin pads are suitable for women with light to medium flow, and they provide utmost security without feeling heavy and bulky.

  1. Thick pads

Thick pads are made using highly absorbent cotton, and they are best suited for women with heavier flow. The thick cotton pads are also suitable for women who don't feel secure using thin pads, and even though they are not as comfortable, a thick pad gives most women a better sense of security!

  1. Pads with wings

A pad with wings has two flaps that wrap around your underwear to keep the pad securely fastened in place, and they are well-suited for women who tend to experience side leaks. Nowadays, most brands are making pads with wings as they offer more security and peace of mind.

  1. Night pads

An overnight pad is specially designed to protect you while sleeping, and they are longer and wider than regular pads. This allows them to catch menstrual blood even if you tend to change your position a lot while sleeping!

These were the basic types of pads available in the market, and I'm sure now you can decide the type that is best suited to your body!

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