Can I be Pregnant if I’ve had my Period?

Periods are one of the most important signs that you're not pregnant, and it is highly unlikely to have a period during pregnancy. Let's talk about why. Every month, womenovulate, and if the egg is not fertilized, it is shed from the body along with the uterine lining and some blood. If you've recently had unprotected sex, but you got your period, the chances are that you're not pregnant!

Some women may experience some bleeding, but they end up being pregnant. Actually, the bleeding is not from her period, but rather it's called spot, which is very light bleeding that may occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is easy to differentiate your period from spotting, as spotting happens irregularly and won't soak up the pad or tampon. If you got a heavy flow that is enough to fill up a pad, it is highly likely that you're not pregnant!

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