Your Comfortable Postpartum Care

Although giving birth is indeed the miracle of life, it is still something that leaves millions of women in discomfort and feeling like they aren’t themselves anymore due to the number of changes taking place in their body. To this end, postpartum care is incredibly important, including how women care for their private parts after a very difficult and physically exhausting experience.


  1. Using Pads as Ice Pads

First, try using our Lhamo Postpartum Pads as ice pads. These can provide you with immediate pain or discomfort relief. Simply put a few in the freezer and enjoy the cool feeling, of course being careful to not give yourself a frostbite.


  1. Use Houttuynia-Infused Pads

Our line of herbal-infused sanitary pads contain houttuynia, a herbal extract widely known for its antiviral properties. The pads can therefore help you with postpartum discharges and urine that tend to happen after birth (e.g. urine leaking when you cough or sneeze) while also providing antiviral properties.


  1. Use Soft Pads that Feel Good

Finally, make sure you use pads that feel good against your already delicate area. Our postpartum care pads were made specifically to this end to ensure that you feel your very best and that the pads you are wearing do not create more discomfort or irritation. These pads can also help you control odors, something that can hurt your confidence if you find yourself struggling with the postpartum odors that take place in most women.


At Lhamo, we care about your wellbeing and about the environment. All our pads are eco-friendly, using pure cotton that is biodegradable. Additionally, our pads do not contain any toxins or irritants – no parabens, no harsh chemicals, no bleaches, nothing that could hurt your already sensitive area. Even better: they don’t itch. Take a look at our products and let us know what you think!



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