Why Women Supporting Women Is Important

When you think about all the ways in which we, women, struggle throughout life, it is a wonder how we are still pinning ourselves against one another. Indeed, as we read through newspaper articles, look at social media or simply go about our day to day life, it isn’t rare that we see women pulling other women down and keeping them from achieving success. Why is it? Why don’t we simply push ourselves up? In today’s blog, we’re taking a bit of a different topic on. Let’s talk about supporting each other.

Support AND Push

If you are like many others, you have most likely experienced a time where you were treated unfairly or even poorly by another woman. Perhaps you were told not to do something because it would take the light off from someone else, or maybe you were the victim of bullying by other girls. In any case, when we women choose to pin ourselves against each other, we forget where we need to putting our efforts in: on working as hard as possible to reach our goals, on surpassing ourselves and outdoing ourselves, on helping other women rise to the top, and on not letting others who are telling us that we can’t do something tear us down. Indeed, we need to be pushing each other to keep going. We need to be telling each other “wow, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!”, and we need to celebrate our wins.
Instead of hoping that other women fail, and instead of giving into the catty chatter at work, why don’t we bring in more positivity? Why don’t we push ourselves to celebrate the differences that we have and how far we, women, have come? Start doing so today. Compliment someone. Compliment yourself. Find a woman that you truly admire. It’ll be a lot more productive and will bring much more positivity than the opposite will!

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