Why Do We Seal Pads Individually?

With the growing attention given to the eco-friendly habits businesses have, you may wonder why, to this day, pads are still individually wrapped. Although indeed wrapping can seem unnecessary, there are in fact a few reasons why it is a practice that keeps going. Let’s have a look.


Who Wants Moldy Pads?

One of the main reasons why pads are individually sealed is to keep them fresh and mold-free, just like tampons. That’s right! Think about it: when you go to the restroom, how much water is around you? A lot! From the shower, the drains, and the toilet, the bathroom is one of the places where mold is the most likely to grow. This is also why mold growth is very common in showers, on the walls, and just about everywhere else in a room that is humid and damp. By keeping your pads there, there is a risk that mold will grow on them too. This is why the sealing is there– to keep them fresh and clean.


Keep the Essence In

Sealed packs can keep the essence perfectly, which is why ensuring you use a product that is properly sealed is to make sure that the non-toxic and natural chemicals used to create a pad that is friendly to your body and non-harmful can stay within the pad. Just like any other cosmetic product, once they are open, that’s it! Did you know that most pads have toxic chemicals? Not in ours!


Protect and Keep Sterile

Pads touch the area of our body which may be most sensible to pH changes and intruders. Without having the proper protection, pads could accumulate dust, small particles found in the air and other items that can be harmful to your health. Therefore, the sealing acts as protection from this as well!


So, the next time you pick up a pad, remember that this is for your safety!


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