What to do if your private parts smell bad?

If you have recently noticed that your vagina is giving off a foul odor, it is natural to be concerned about it. However, if you don't have any itching or pain, it usually means that there is no infection, and you can use home remedies to solve the problem. The most common cause of the vaginal odor is poor personal hygiene, as the sweat and dirt mix with the natural vaginal bacteria to create a musty smell.

The best way to treat this is by practicing a good vaginal hygiene routine. Wash your private parts every day with clean water, and pat dry before dressing up. It is essential that you wear breathable cotton underwear and change it daily to eliminate the odor. It is a good idea to periodically trim or shave the pubic hair, as hair allows sweat and bacteria to cling to it, making the smell worse. Using an herb-infused pad during your periods is also great for odor control and helps to absorb any nasty vaginal smell.

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