What Is In Lhamo’s Herbal Pads?

Gone are the days of itchy, uncomfortable pads that do nothing to help the cramps and inflammation you deal with during your period. Lhamo’s herbal pads were engineered with ingredients that help to improve circulation, reduce your pain, and provide a refreshing feeling to make that time of the month a bit more tolerable!


The Extracts In Our Herbal Pads

One of the ingredients in our herbal-infused pads is rose extract. This ingredient has been shown to help improve circulation and to provide pain relief. When you are on your period, the pain stems from the contractions that take place in your uterus to allow the wall that has been building over the past few weeks to exit. This is what makes you ‘cramp up’, and rose extract is proven to help with these painful contractions.


The next ingredient is mint, which is where the “minty pad” term comes from. This is refreshing and can help relieve the pain and tension that is present when you are on your period. When you feel like your private area is sore, using minty pads can help relieve some of the discomfort.


Lavender is another extract in Lhamo’s herbal pads. This extract is anti-inflammatory and has properties that help combat dermatitis and relieve the symptoms associated with it. If you feel like the skin in your private areas gets irritated during your period, this ingredient in our herbal pads can help. Similarly, aloe is another ingredient found in our pads and helps by soothing and moisturizing to reduce discomfort and provide a comfortable feeling instead. And finally, houttuynia has been shown to promote health and wellness, which is a boost we can all use on days where we feel under the weather!


These ingredients follow traditional Chinese herbal methods and are used by trained state-licensed practitioners. Lhamo herbal pads are medicinally more effective than any other pad on the market! Try them today.


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