Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t Fret!

On the 14th of February, millions of people around the world went through a day that they dreaded: Valentine’s day. While for many, the 14th is a day of celebration of love and happiness with their partner, for others, it may feel like a perpetual reminder that they are single and that they are not with that one person that they can do everything with. That being said, this obsession with relationships that we tend to see in the media and that many women are being pushed to strive for is something that we think needs to be re-evaluated.
Indeed, women have long been pushed to think that they are only bound to be “truly happy” once they are in a relationship with someone, once they get married, and after they have children. The reality is that, at the end of the day, we shouldn’t need to be with someone to feel like we are whole. The rumors are true: if you want to love someone else, you need to love yourself first. We know, it sounds incredibly cliché, but that’s because it’s true! Without this initial love for yourself, it’s truly tough to let yourself be loved by someone else.
So, this year, as you reminisce on the fact that you are single, remember that this gives you something that many others don’t have: more time on your hands to completely focus on you, on improving yourself, and on spending valuable time on the things and people that you love. Life is not about relationships, nor is it about finding that special someone at all costs. Once you know who you are, are proud of this person, feel secure with yourself and know that you are completely comfortable being alone, the appeal of a relationship may disappear. Of course, you may find someone, but you won’t focus on feeling whole with them – instead, they will add to your life in a beautiful way.

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