Let’s Talk About Periods!

Did the title of this article shock you? If so, we are not surprised. Periods have been surrounded by stigma for as long as women have dealt with them. And yet, they are one of the most common occurrences in life. So, why don’t we talk more about periods?


Periods Aren’t Blue

We all know the usual period adverts that we cross every so and then. Women are running and jumping, free of stress and pain. Perhaps they are even singing, and some song is playing in the background about women being bosses. And then, there’s a blue stain. This blue stain is so common in all kinds of advertisements that no one bats an eye. But then, once we see red stains being put on the pad or the tampon, the initial reaction is shock.


Continuing the Stigma

Why is it that we are so shocked about periods? One of the reasons behind the continuation of the stigma is arguably that periods are not considered normal, and are therefore not treated as such. Period blood isn’t blue, it’s red! Women’s menstruations are nothing out of the ordinary, they are simply a reality that women go through for around forty years of their lives. This is a monthly occurrence, and yet it is deliberately painted as something completely other than what it truly is. By using blue coloring, period stigma is reinforced, and your period is a step further away from being normalized.


What Can We Do?

Let’s normalize periods. Let’s talk openly about them. They are a normal day-to-day event, and so the same way we need to use the restroom to other ends and openly mention “I need to pee,” we should not feel embarrassed about another normal bodily function. So, take a stand! The next time you feel uncomfortable or shamed for your period, why not speak up? Women menstruate, and there’s no reason to hide that fact, no matter how uncomfortable some might be!



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