Is Your Pad Really 100% Cotton?

You probably have seen it everywhere: in advertisements, online, or on the packaging itself. The pads are “100%” made of cotton, and are therefore advertised as being made of cotton only. And yet, you would be surprised to hear the truth! Did you know that in order to be allowed to be marketed as “100%” cotton, the product is only required to have the surface layer be cotton? That’s right! Because we care about your health and about sustainability, we ensure that all our products are made of pure cotton only.


Why Is it Important?

Our pure cotton pads are indeed made of 100% cotton, and that’s not just the top layer. The problem when it comes to cotton pads is that the chemicals that can be present in products that are not cotton-based can be toxic and can irritate your private area. The skin in this area is very sensitive and as the inner part is porous, having any kind of toxic chemical close by can lead to problems such as infections and pH imbalances.


The Environment Suffers Too

Aside from this, using products that contain plastic or synthetic materials is toxic to the environment. Unlike cotton, which is collected from a sustainable source and biodegradable, synthetic materials can contain microplastics that take hundreds of years to biodegrade. This not only hurts the soil where the chemicals are absorbed, but it can hurt the nearby lakes and water sources where chemicals can runoff into.


But don’t panic! There is a simple solution: use pure cotton sanitary pads from Lhamo. Our pads are true 100% cotton pads, and they are made for your safety and wellbeing. Not only this, but they’re eco-friendly too! Take a look at our line of products and find something that suits your needs  today.


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