Introducing: Herbal-Infused Pads

When you think about using herbal extracts, perhaps a few ideas come to mind. For example, maybe you are thinking about how we use herbal tea to feel better when we feel ill. Or maybe you are thinking about essential oils and how they can lighten up a room when diffused. We use herbal extracts for our skin, our hair, but what about down there?


Herbal-Infused Pads

Indeed, there are ways to use herbal extracts to help you down there. More specifically, herbal-infused pads can help reduce cramps and discomfort during your period. With plant essences that are safe to have close to your private areas, you can enjoy the pain-relieving properties of essential oils that also offer a cooling effect. This helps you deal with the side effects of period cramps, namely providing soothing effects.


How Does it Work?

Essence from plants such as rose, mint, lavender, aloe and houttuynia extracts can help to provide pain relief, refreshes areas that can benefit from some freshening-up, can relieve pain and tension, can act as anti-inflammatory substances, and can relieve dermatitis symptoms. Not only this, but aloe essence is soothing and can provide a moisturizing effect that can reduce discomfort. Finally, the houttuynia essence is often present, including in Lhamo herbal-infused pads, which promotes general health and wellbeing.


Say No to Toxic Pads!

Unfortunately, numerous pad and tampon providers use all sorts of ingredients that are quite toxic to us. Our private areas are sensitive and therefore require the right care. Say goodbye to pesticides from the cotton used by other companies - parabens, dyes that can irritate the skin, latex that can cause allergic reactions, chlorine bleaches that can hurt your sensitive areas, and synthetic material that has been heavily treated and which is not eco-friendly. Instead, try out herbal-infused pads from Lhamo as a way to give your body the care and healthy ingredients it deserves.

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