Incontinence Pads, But Better!

While we created our pads with the goal of helping women all around the world deal with painful periods in a more holistic way, we haven’t forgotten those who may need pads once in a while just to get through the day without embarrassment. If you struggle with incontinence, finding pads that work for you and leave you feeling comfortable without being bulky may feel like a daily struggle. Thankfully, Lhamo pads are there for you!

How Heavy Is Your Flow?

When dealing with incontinence, finding the right pads can be difficult. At Lhamo, we have something for almost everyone. If you have only slight leakage, you can use our liners to feel fresh and protected at all hours of the day. If you have medium flow, we recommend using the overnight or heavy long Lhmao pads. Finally, if you have a heavy flow, we do not recommend that you use a pad on its own, but instead, we encourage you to use a Lhmao herbal-infused pad in the diaper. The reason? It freshens you up and the essential oils release you from the discomfort.

Why Lhamo Pads?

Have you ever thought about how uncomfortable it can be to have odor coming from your private parts? If you are like just about any woman on this Earth, you know! Whether this is because of smells associated with periods or incontinence, it is something that we believe should not hold you back from going about your day with confidence. With our herbal-infused pads, we provide you with a fresh and comforting feeling that takes away both the pain you may be dealing with and the smells that could make your day feel like one that never ends.
Our minty pads are all you need to feel fresh and cool all day long! Try them today.

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