How can you use Ice Pads to relieve postpartum pain?

The vagina goes through a lot during childbirth, including tearing, swelling, and stitches. Therefore it is no surprise that your lady parts stay swollen and painful for a few weeks after birth. There are ways to relieve this pain after giving birth, and one of the most effective methods is to use an ice pad to soothe the area.

You can easily make ice pads at home, and they can make postpartum recovery much quicker. To make an ice pad, simply sprinkle some water on a regular sanitary pad and freeze it for a few minutes. After it has been frozen, you can place the pad in your panty to soothe the inflammation and pain. These pads help with the discomfort associated with stitches and also help to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. Another great idea is to use herbal infused pads as an ice pad, as the natural properties of herbs are good for vaginal health.

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