Harsh Chemicals on My What?! Why Your Pads May Be Toxic For You

Did you know that most pads and tampons available in commonly visited stores – CVS, Target, and so on – actually contain very harsh chemicals that are quite toxic to you? There’s a reason why women are advised to use fragrance-free and pH neutral soap to clean their private area: it’s a very sensitive place that needs to be cared for! Your vagina’s pH is very delicate, and any kind of product that has a different pH can cause a complete imbalance that turns into issues you truly don’t want to deal with *cough, yeast infections!*.

Keep Out!

Not only this, but standard pads, nowadays, contain dyes, bleach, pesticides and microplastics that are all harmful to your health. In fact, for pads to be certified as “organic”, only the top layer of the pad needs to be organic cotton. To this, we say no! At Lhamo pads, we care about your wellbeing. So, we use no harsh chemicals, ever. This is such a sensitive area, you shouldn’t put it near anything that could irritate it!


What Does Lhamo Do Differently?

So, how do we ensure that our Lhmao herbal-infused pads are safe to use? First, they’re made of 100% organic cotton, which means that there are absolutely no harsh chemicals in any of our products. Aside from this, our pads are infused with essential oils to give you the fresh feeling you are looking for, as well as pain-relieving properties, without the harsh side effects. Our minty pads are a customer-favorite, especially for the cooling effect they provide during a time where it feels like there’s tremendous tension in your private parts. We know the feeling, and it’s not fun!


Intrigued? Try a Lhamo pad today to see just how it can help you.


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